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About Us

Syro Malabar Global Laity 4 Justice is a volunteer organization standing for Truth and Justice in the Catholic Church, giving particular emphasis to Syro Malabar Catholic Church.   This website provides reliable, investigative, insightful, pastoral news affecting the immigrants of Syro Malabar Church all across the world.   Syro Malabar Church is part of the Universal Catholic Church, always emphasizing the teachings of the Holy Father.  Syro Malabar Global Laity 4 Justice stands for unity, not for uniformity. We respectfully disagree with the imposing attitude of Liturgy upon the faithful.  We are advocating for a progressive attitude in the celebration of the Eucharist. We stand for Holy Mass facing the faithful, not facing the EAST( Ad Orientem Mass) which was imposed upon the faithful, that is against the will and wish of the faithful.   It is discrimination against the faithful and exploitation of immigrants they are unorganized in the foreign lands. 

We want to foster a Catholic way of living, giving the priorities to Catholic values. We spread unity and peace throughout the world by netting close relationship with other faith groups.

Mission and Purpose

Our Mission is to spread Catholic values to the world especially to the immigrants from Kerala, India. Immigrants are often disconnected due to distances and different time zones. In the aftermath of the immigration process and ensued cultural hybridity, the second-generation children are losing the cultural heritage of faith and values. This is an impending struggle all immigrants experience with regard to faith and culture.  they need proper guidance and mentorship.  Our mission is to share the news about the Syro Malabar Church, pointing towards the unhealthy and discriminatory aspects of their lives and uphold them to live according to the Catholic values they have inheritied.  Syro Malabar Global Laity 4 Justice focuses on the Catholic Church and Syro Malabar Church all around the world.

The purpose is to provide the current news of the Catholic Church in India and  Syro Malabar Church all around the world. In accord with the goals of this movement,  this is done freely. any donations, in support of this mission, is solicited. We are happy to receive any donations from our readers and benefactors.

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