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Dark days of SM Church exposed- Part Four :End of extremist Era and a new dawn of hope

by Wimal MaryDas

Part Four

End of extremist Era and a new dawn of hope


This is a critical time as we expect a new Major Archbishop. Who would that be? Will the extremist ideology of the Liturgical East dominate the election process? The Major Archbishop will influence the members of his caucus to get involved in the power struggle in the Syro Malabar church.  The end of the extremist era speaks for a new dawn of fraternity and charity in the Syro Malabar Church. Who will lead the church towards being more moderate and inclusive, with the idea of a compassionate and united pastoral approach, rather than division?

Moderate leadership is more and more likely for Mar. Bosco Puthur, who is already the administrator of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam. He is 77 years old, a retired bishop of seasoned personality, likely to have the support of Thrissur, Irinjalakuda and northern Kerala.

The next moderate leadership could also be under the leadership of Jose Chittooparambil of the diocese of Rajkot, a member of CMI, where he can get the support of CMI bishops. Or could it be Archbishop Kuriakose Bharanikulangara, who has diplomatic experience and worked in the United Nations.   

Archbishop Pamplany has been projected as a major Archbishop supported by the northern church-lobby of Kerala, but his politically-driven statements on pro-BJP politics attracted unprecedented criticism from the larger number of faithful. He speaks inconsistently and flippantly on many issues of the church.

On the other side, Mar. Joseph Kallarangatt is notorious for his extremist viewpoints on the Islamic faith and his controversial jihad comments inflaming the communal unrest in Kerala.  His predilection for more children's packages also raised the eyebrows of many in the church. ( See the article)

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