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Who is foolhardy? Cyril Vasil- The Bringer of hate and division.

By Binu Joseph, USA

Who is foolhardy?

The members of Syro Malabar Church in the Archdiocese of Ernakulam, are reacting to Archbishop Cyril Vazil who claims the role of a Papal delegate. Archbishop Vazil was escorted by members of a notorious gang who are accused of desecrating Ernakulam Basilica. It echoes his inclination to impose Synod’s formula of Holy Mass by hook and crook, conspiring to inflate the fire of division by plotting to invade Ernakulum Basilica.

600 Police personnel creating a human barricade: With high-rank officials - Heavey policy protection for a colonial head.

Archbishop Cyril Vasil faced the heat of the liturgical dispute while most of the parishes declined to read out his letter on August 06 during Eucharistic liturgies as the letter was a one-sided argument for implementing the synodal formula of 50:50 Mass. It was a setback for Archbishop Vasil before he began his mission. He failed to adhere to a principle of impartiality while addressing the simmering liturgical tension, whereas he began to act as a foreign villain in waging a war invading the Basilica of Ernakulum with the help of thousands of police while facing the severe resistance from the local faithful.

The Archdiocese of Ernakulum- priests, and laity declined to meet Archbishop Vazil as it was reported by local media “all through the initial meetings, he was threatening to impose the Synodal Mass contrary to an earlier impression that he would hear both sides before deciding the liturgical issue”. The refusal to meet him from the different organs of the Archdiocese of Ernakulum took another turn of events when he secretly appeared at two churches intending to conspire to impose the synodal formula. Archbishop Vasil is accosted by priests as he showed up without any prior notices to two parishes and posted his pictures on social media walking around the premises of those churches. It triggers disrespect and anger among the faithful as he is being viewed by the public as a puppet of Archbishop Andrews to implement the Synodal Mass.

The question among the faithful is who is foolhardy? Is archbishop Vazil who is acting as a puppet or mouthpiece of Archbishop Thazath who utterly failed to do anything good in the Archdiocese of Ernakulam? The integrity of Archbishop Vazil is questioned as he is behaving like a colonial criminal echoing the historical legend of Vasco da Gama who came with the criminals of Lisbon, waging a war of destruction and hatred. Though Western historians acclaim Vasco da Gama as the world explorer the truth of the fact in history marks him as a “ Bringer of cruelty” His cruel mind did not leave even a pilgrim vessel carrying Muslims from Calicut to Mecca. A Portuguese historian Gasper Correia described his acts as “one that is unequalled in cold-blooded cruelty. A cruel voyager did not leave any children alive but instead burned alive more than 400 men and women without leaving the innocent children”- History would mark him as a world explorer but the flipside is, the bringer of cruelty. He was a delegate of King John III of Portugal to invade India.

Archbishop Vazil is a Delegate, without disclosing his mandate, reported as entrusted by the Dicastery of Oriental Churches in the Vatican casts doubts and suspicions. What is his role and why is he insisting on imposing the synodal Mass formula? Everyone in the Synod and the self-assumed Apostolic administrator in the person of Archbishop Thazath were utter fiasco to implement their corrupted decision of the synod, then why would a colonial delegate take a sword of power to impose the Synod Mass? It is the threat of the colonial mindset of the Western administration of the Roman Church

Who is foolhardy? Tainted and accused criminal Cardinal Alencherry who plays a dirty game to win over his self-interest with the help of Thazath and his classmate Vazil who turns out as the kingpin behind all these revolting turns of events in Kerala. Archbishop Vazil terribly failed to bring peace but he is the bringer of cruelty with the help of the corrupted leadership of the Syro Malabar Church. Waging war and wielding the power of a colonial mindset will never win six million faithful and 460 priests of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam, as it is much-admired by the international media as the heart of the Syro Malabar Church.

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