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"We will not follow Synod's decision that impose Uniformity on Holy Mass: Irinjalakuda Diocese

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Sam Mathew , Freelance Reporter from Kerala, India.

Press Conference of Irinjalakuda clergy.

" Clergy and Laity of Irinjalakuda Diocese united and expressed their concerns against the decisions of the Syro Malabar Synod on imposing the uniformity of Holy Mass. We will not accept it but we will seek all measures to change it as it is not the voice of the people of Irinjalakuda diocese. We have been celebrating the Holy Mass facing the people for more than 60 years and this decision is arbitrary and without listening to the voice of laity and clergy. " Clergy and Laity in the media Conference said.

" We do not want to demolish the peaceful functioning of the Diocese , so we are so concerned about the laity coming out and began to deal these issues on the street. That would be a sad thing about us as we love the church and our bishop. It will destroy the faith and discipline of the lay people" Priest said to media.

Archdiocese of Trichur and audio of Archbishop's unbridled corruption and dirty deals are coming out to the public.

The neighbouring Archdiocese of Trichur is like a pressure cooker, without releasing the pressure, it is prone to explode it soon. The Archbishop is waging war against the clergy not to speak out the truth.

The inside news of the Archbishop's caucus told to the Laity 4 justice news media that " Archbishop is abusing clergy in different ways, personal threat and mental harassment. There are a few priests seeking psychological help due to the abuses of Archbishop. Archbishop is becoming insane when he deals with the agenda of Cardinal Alencherry in the Archdiocese to impose and divide the clergy and diocese" . We will come out and expose the abhorrent stories of abuse of power and money the Archbishop is trying to cover up" Senior priest in anonymity told news media.

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