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Uniformity at the expense of unity: Laity and Priests detained Archbishop Thazhath.Police intervene

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Uniformity at the expense of unity: Laity and Priests detained Archbishop Thazhath. Police take over the Cathedral Church in Thrissur.

By Prashanth Peter from Thrissur

Thrissur: Archbishop Thazhath, the prelate of the Archdiocese of Thrissur, imposed uniformity at the expense of Unity at the Cathedral Church amid protests from the people of God. " This protest is against his arrogance and dictatorial attitude. He has no decency to sit down and discuss this issue. Are we living in stone age? " a senior priest of Thrissur Archdiocese told in anonymity.

Archbishop Thazhath was detained at his Palace by Priests and Laity

Archbishop Thazhath sought the help of the Police force for his protection. To his dismay, his presbyterate detained him at his Palace on the eve of the implementation of Synod's decision.

The conflict is escalating, and the division in the Syro Malabar Church is worsening at the Archdiocese of Thrissur. The laity began to react against the arrogance of the Archbishop. The majority of his priests in the Archdiocese asked him to continue the Holy Mass facing the People. The rift among the clergymen and Archbishop led to dramatic events, and tension is fuming up in the Archdiocese. The majority of priests in the Archdiocese of Thrissur asked Archbishop to continue with the legacy of celebrating the Holy Mass facing people in the Archdiocese. Holy Mass celebrated, facing people for more than 50 years in the Archdiocese.

"Mar. Thazhath and his move to impose the Synod's policy in the Archdiocese of Thrissur is a betrayal and for his selfish motive to become the next Major Archbishop. There is a hidden deal with the current Major Archbishop that he will get the support of other faction group bishops to urup to the power within a few months if he imposes the Synod's decision. So it is the Thirty pieces of the silver coins as Judas got it. He never respects the legacy of our forefathers nor the voice of the people of God. It is a disaster move from the Archbishop Thazhath," A priest associate of his administration in anonymity said.

Mar Thazhath is accused of misleading Oriental Congregation and kingpin behind all mess at the Church

It is learned from reliable sources that Mr. Thazath is misleading the official authorities of the Church in Rome as he has personal connections with the power centers of the Church. The Vatican often depends on certain bishops who claim 'no problem of issues' in the Syro Malabar Church regarding liturgy, and they want to hide the realities to achieve their promotions in the Church. Mar. Thazath was pondering to become the head of the Oriental Congregation, but that was straight-jacketed by the allegations of corruption and mismanagement in the Archdiocese. Clergy and laity of his Archdiocese raised these allegations to Vatican office which deals the moral corruptins and suxual abuse of bishops The clergy of his diocese raised corruption of immoral nature concerning more than a million rupees of Holy Mass stipend siphoned off for his personal needs. ( Holy Mass stipend is the donation given by the laity to a bishop or priest for praying Mass) It has been a hot matter of conflict between Archbishop and his clergy in the Archdiocese.

Eyeing up to the position of Major Archbishop

Who will be the next major Archbishop? It has been a matter of power struggle in the Church as Major Archbishop Alencherry is embroiled in criminal and civil cases due to his role in the recent land scam of Ernakulam - Angamaly. He is on the verge of his failed leadership as he has become a scandal to the Universal Church. During his 10 years of leadership, the Church has gone through the unprecedented allegations of corruption, sexual abuse cover-up, and communal tension in Kerala. The faction groups have hijacked the Sryo Malabar Church and augmented the crisis disturbing the peaceful functioning of the Church. Many people began to leave the Syro Malabar Church and resorted to Latin Communities.

Mar. Andrews Thazhath celebrated the Holy Mass facing East yesterday ( Nov 28), which created tension at the Our Lady of Lourdes Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral in Thrissur, Kerala. There were hundreds of police officers lined up in front of the Cathedral Church. Police blocked people at the gate and only those who were supporting the Archbishop were allowed to enter the Cathedral. There were very few parishioners at the Church due to Covid restrictions.

“ We have been following the Mass facing the Congregation for more than five decades, and all our former Archbishops were celebrating the Mass facing people. The betrayal of our legacy by Archbishop Thazhath will not be forgiven. The fact of the matter is this; he was the protagonist for Holy Mass facing people during the time of Archbishop Kundukulam, a well-respected prelate of the Archdiocese of Trichur. Now Mar Thazhath sacrificed that legacy for his selfish motive. The Synod’s decision without consulting the laity and clergy is not acceptable,” Tony Thomas comments. A catechism teacher of Cathedral parish in Thrissur.

“ It is so heart wrenching to see that our voices are not heard anywhere. Instead, his ego and ambition takes over this very sensitive issue of the Holy Mass. We need the Holy Mass facing people. It is our right, and it is the spirit of the Second Vatican Council. We will fight for this, and we will stand up with our clergy for this cause.” Tony Thomas continued to express his feelings.

"സമാധാനം"."സമാധാനം" ...പലേടത്തും പോലീസ് കാവലിൽ ആയിരുന്നു സമാധാനം വന്നിറങ്ങിയതു.. A sarcastic comment in the facebook tweaks the attention, Peace..Peace but it arrived by Police protection..."

Another comments reads ' I am planning to go to Latin Church Holy Mass due to this crisis...

ഞാൻ ഇനിമുതൽ ലത്തീൻ കുർബാന കണ്ടാലോ എന്ന് ആലോചിക്കുന്നു

The majority of priests in the Archdiocese of Thrissur did not celebrate Holy Mass according to the decisions of the Synod. The open defiance from Priests creates huge division in the Archdiocese of Thrissur, the Syro Malabar Church at large.

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