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The accused Indian Cardinal attends FABC in Bangkok.

Tom Peter, Bangkok -Kerala news

Cardinal Alencherry and archbishop Thazath.

The accused Indian Cardinal attends FABC. ( Federation of Asian Bishops Conference) Disgraced bishops from India are attending the FABC in Bangkok. snapshots released by the FABC confirm their presence.

Accused Indian Cardinal George Alencherry and Archbishop Andrews Thazath, peace wrecker in liturgical disputes in the Syro Malabar Church in Kerala, are participants in the FABC in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. The musings among the bishops echoed the displeasure as these bishops from India, representing the Syro Malabar Church, are notorious for their criminal and illegal deeds in India. Accused cardinal Alencherry got bail in the land sale case last month after his several abortive attempts to quash it. Supreme Court in India asked him to appear in the lower court for his bail application. His appearance in the court sparked a clarion call to resign as he is the culprit of the land scam and violation of civil laws in India. 79 years old Cardinal, clinging to power amid concerns of wreaking further damage on the Syro Malabar Church in India.

Archbishop Andrews Thazath, was blamed for his villainous character destroying the peace process of liturgical disputes which has been plaguing Syro Malabar Church for decades. He is blamed for his deeds derailing the peace process in the Syro Malabar Church.

After assuming the role of Apostolic administrator of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam, Archbishop Thazath was leading a war- path, keeping a close alliance with a so-called criminal group who destroyed the altar of Ernakulam Basilica parish, Cathedral of Syro Malabar Church. In the midst of tumultuous scenarios, Thazath sought police protection in Kerala. In the midst of unrest in the Syro Malabar Church, It is a counter-witness as they are attending in the FABC conference which is the apex body of Asian churches discussing the Synodal paths.

“It is a disgrace that these accused criminal Cardinal and dictator archbishop Thazath attend the FABC, they are the ugly faces of Syro Malabar Church where they are waging war and destroying peace of the faithful. They have no place in the hearts of the faithful, but they are power mongers and criminals. Pope Francis and FABC must ask them to resign and uphold the dignity of the Catholic Church in India’ said laity group leader Riju from the southern part of Kerala.

Under the condition of anonymity, priests group from the archdiocese of Trissur responded to Laity 4 Justice “ Thazath must resign as he is a dictator, not a bishop, and Pope Francis must heed the sentiments of the laity and clergy in the archdiocese. There is overwhelming opposition, but he is smoldering the clergy and laity.”

“There is growing pressure among bishops and people in Syro Malabar Church that these bishops should not continue warring on liturgical rubrics but Pope Francis must remove them from their positions and bring peace to the church. People expect some sort of jail sentence for Cardinal Alencherry down on the road as he is holding and hanging on power to avoid the punishment” Laity groups told state media.

A church historian Raymond said that “ Cardinal Alencherry and Abp.Thazath are causing immense damage not only for the Syro Malabar Church but to the Catholic Church in Asia”

AMT, Archdiocese Movement for Transparency said Cardinal Alencherry lost his moral right to continue in office and FABC must make an intervention to Pope Francis to ask resignation from his office. “Fourteen criminal cases have been registered against Cardinal Alencherry" and therefore, “he should resign from office and face the cases,” Riju Kanjookaran, told Indian media

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