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“Something is rotten in Rome”

By Binu Joseph, USA

“Something is rotten in Rome”

What is going on? What happened to Lisie Hospital and its administration? The Lisie Hospital, which comes under the Ernakulam-Angamaly Archdiocese, seems like it’s lost its mission and vision of serving the poor and marginalized. Lisie Hospital recently celebrated 20 years of the humble beginning of its open Heart surgery at the hospital but what is alarming is the venue of the celebration- in a Luxurious, extravagant Hotel. It has transpired a wave of criticism in social media.

A social media comment reads, “ What is wrong with you- Fr. Paul Karedan & Fr . Varghese Pottakal ? Who are you serving for? You all know Cardinal Alencherry is facing 13 criminal charges in the court of law as part of land scandal in which he was involved. You all know that he no longer can interfere with the activities of Ernakulum Angamaly Archdiocese because of the removal order from Pope Francis- who also wanted to make financial Restitution- need to be done. Remember you all became priests to serve God and the “ People of God - not the criminals.

Do you forget the fact that Cardinal Alencherry came in with the Police to Basilica during Holy Week, which was the first time the police entered Ernakulam Angamaly Archdiocese’s Basilica in its history? You should know how much the faithful got hurt by his actions.

You all know that we are in a non-violent protest against Bishop Andrews Thazathu , who was appointed by Pope Francis as the Apostolic Administrator, who doesn’t have any respect towards Pope Francis’s noble thoughts about Synodality? You all know Bishop Andrews Thazathu and Fr. Poothavelli , along with Cardinal Alencherry and their dirty hands behind the sacrilege that happened in Ernakulam Angamaly Basilica, which led to the closure of the Basilica. The members of the Basilica church are deprived of their spiritual needs because of the actions of above said people. Fr.Varghese Pottakkan & Fr Paul Karedan- how come you are so materialistic in organizing an extravagant celebration in Bolgaty, when the faithful are brutally deprived of all their spiritual needs?

Not long ago, the declaration of a political candidate in surgical gowns happened in Lisie Auditorium, leading to severe criticism. In response, the voters, predominantly the members of Ernakulam Angamaly Archdiocese, responded by voting against and defeating that candidate. You all apologized for that action and assured that these mistakes wouldn’t happen again . Now a unique hospital event that was supposed to have occurred in the Lisie Auditorium was celebrated in Grant Hyatt, the most luxurious hotel in that area. What is wrong with you all? If you spend all this money- it could have been spent towards 10-20 open heart surgeries, which could have saved the life of a father, mother, brother, sister or a child from a low-income family, which could have Catholic ways of offering thanks for the blessing we got all these years & could have helped us to be the true witness of God, Jesus Christ. Please serve God not “ Mammon”.

It is also alarming that the Kerala Chief Minister, who represents the “ party of poor and underdogs,” sharing the stage with a Cardinal facing 13 criminal charges, sends the wrong message to the public. Hopefully, in the future, this mistake won’t happen.

Dear Fr Paul Karedan & Fr Varghese Pottakal , Let’s learn from these mistakes, repent of these sins & make a firm decision in front of the Lord Our God not to repeat the same mistake for material gain. Let’s work towards Heavenly blessing & place in Heaven by “ uplifting last, least& lost “ & bring the “ People of God to close to God.

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