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Catholic Bishop in India is in trouble, creating rift in communities, become controversial.

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Muslim outfits protested the priest’s statement, alleging that it was meant to create a communal divide in the state

Addressing a church ceremony in Kuravilangad (Kottayam), Mar Joseph Kallaranghatt, Bishop of Pala Diocese of the Syro-Malabar church, said wherever arms cannot be used, drugs were being used to lure women belonging to the community for extremist activities.

“Wherever arms are not used, narcotic drugs are being used and Catholic girls turn victims. Some groups are functioning in the state to help them.

Muslim organisations such as the Samasta Kerala Sunni Students Federation (SKSSF) and Kerala Naduvathul Mujahideen demanded the Bishop present evidence to substantiate his claims.

“He has to produce evidence to prove such serious allegations. This is a move intended to isolate Muslims and create a phobia against them. We hope he will withdraw his comment,” SKSSF secretary P Sathar said in a statement.

Muslim spoke person said "they will ask the government to book the Bishop for creating a rift between different communities if the latter did not withdraw his remarks.

This isn’t the first time that Bishop Kallarangatt has made polarizing statements. Last month, he had sounded the alarm over a so-called conspiracy by various groups to target young Christian girls by trapping them in love and forcing them to convert their religion.

Social activist Sreeja Neyyattinkara has responded to Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt of Pala diocese saying" 'Have you decided to sell your tongue to RSS for a price?'; social activist slams Pala Bishop"

Bishop goes insane, making rift in the harmony driven communities

The Pala Bishop must disclose evidence of charges of love jihad and narcotics jihad, SKSSF general secretary Sathar Panthallur told reporters. Panthallur described as "baseless" the allegations of Pala Bishop and asked the state government to take a serious note of it as it amounts to unnecessary divide between two communities in the state.

Condemning the statement of the Bishop, Kerala Muslim Jamaath Council Kottayam district committee said legal action should be initiated against the Catholic priest for trying to create division among two communities.

Recently he became controversial as he promoted the pregnancy packages that if women get pregnant more than 4 times they will be given incentives of US $20. That created huge hue and cry in the Christian communities all across the world.

Responding to this news, the laity movement spoke person told Laity 4 justice news media that bishops is speaking without any factual proofs. If he has he must bring up these issues to the police, instead dragging the community to the fear and communal rivalry."

Kerala Chief Minister Condemns Bishop's "Love And Narcotic Jihad" Claim

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has condemned Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt's statement that youngsters were falling prey to "love and narcotics jihad", and said that those in responsible positions should be cautious and not create religious divisions in society.

While addressing the press conference, Mr Vijayan said, "Pala Bishop is an influential and a religious scholar. We are hearing the term "narcotic jihad" for first time. The problem of narcotics doesn't affect a particular religion alone. It affects society as a whole. We are worried about it."

"We are strengthening legal action to prevent it. Narcotics don't have the colour of religion, its colour is anti-social. Not clear what he meant, not understanding in what circumstances he said it. Those in responsible positions should be cautious not to make a religious division in society," added Mr Vijayan.

AA Rahim, Secretary, Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), Kerala State Committee also condemned the statement and said, "The Bishop made an unfortunate statement. Those who are holding responsible positions should not issue such irresponsible statements without the backing of facts and clear information. It is not suited for a civilized society like Kerala. It will destroy our community's tolerance and goodness. No more such statements should come. DYFI strongly disagrees with that statement."

Earlier today, the President of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) PT Thomas said that the Bishop's statement will adversely affect the social fabric of the state.

" Communal rift created by Bishop of Pala destroys the harmony and co- existence of Indians and it is the message against the teachings of Pope Francis who visited Iraq recently and he took the leadership to uphold the great values of fraternity. so Pope Francis should interfere the rebuke the erratic message of bishop of Pala who deliberately delivers this hurting messages to the society " 70 year old senior catechism teacher comments in social media.

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