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Mr. Putin of Kerala. Abp. Andrews Thazath, The man who fooled a million Catholics of Kerala.

Abp. Andrews Thazath, The man who fooled the one million Catholics of Kerala.

By Sam Alexander from USA

Understanding the betrayal story of Abp. Thazath.

Abp. Thazath, the new apostolic administrator of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam, is quite panicked. Literally, he lost his sleep and his sheep too! He knows well enough to be convicted of himself that he has fooled more than one million Catholics of Syro Malabar Church. He has assumed a tone of mock sympathy telling the story of the conspiracy of Cardinal Sandri, the corrupted oriental congregation’s head insisting him execute the failed strategy of the Synod formula of Holy Mass.

The presbyteral council, a canonical body of the Archdiocese of Ernakulum, categorically reaffirmed the legacy of the Archdiocese of Ernakulum that the archdiocese of Ernakulum will continue more than a half-century custom of celebrating the Holy Mass facing the congregation. Encountering the Canonical body of the Archdiocese, Mr. Putin of Kerala, archbishop Thazath began to radiate menace of his passion for destruction and division, inclining himself to the role of a villain and kingpin behind all liturgical ordeals of these days. The presbyteral body of the archdiocese stood robust, challenging his hell-bent on attitude imposing the tyrannical decision of the Synod.

Understanding Abp. Thazath, many people misread him. The moment he took power by cunningly usurping his role as administrator, he began to expose the darkest sides of his personality. He kept his immoral deeds under the carpet at his native diocese of Trissur. He destroyed the presbyterium's audacity (archdiocese priest body) with his aggressive destroyer mindset and authoritarian leadership. Viewed from the Oriental Congregation’s point of interest, Abp Thazath as the kingpin behind the turmoil in the Syro Malabar Synod and his hegemony with Cardinal Sandri paved the way for seeking the last resort option to complete the ideological invasion of the Cheganassery archdiocese and its lobby bishops. It is the talk of the town that Abp Thazath is an autocrat and ambitious leader. He tried his all vigour while claiming and communicating that he is the central authority in the Synod. He dares to use any warfare to destroy the catholic folk of the archdiocese of Ernakulum to bolster his personal position and power. All actions of the Archbishop are equivalent to mere dirty games to stand up for Synod’s interest. Another primary concern would be to cover up Cardinal Sandri’s unethical interventions upon a sui iuris Church. Abp. Thazath has assumed the role of a puppet in the hands of many bishops for their selfish interests.

Abp Thazath has destroyed the sanctity of the Catholic episcopate, amassing the centralization of power in the synod, promoting a cult personality of autocracy and dictatorial disposition, making it a disastrous mistake. The apparent inhibition of a strongman rule is often flawed and rendered a counter-witness to the ultimate goal of Christianity- Christ himself. Without facing the priest’s counsel of the archdiocese of Ernakulum, escorted out by police officers of Kerala for his own security, is an act of cowardice and timidity. It is not the mission of the Church but rather a domineering character blindfolded by authority and power.

Tragically, Abp Thazath is learning new lessons all over again. His autocratic power game and manipulations aiming to secure a good face and moral stature before the Oriental congregation and synod have clearly gone wrong. The brutal war he is waging against the legacy of the Archdiocese of Ernakulum is entrenching more and more resistance. The empowering legacy of illustrious leaders like Cardinal Parecattil allows clergy and God’s people of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam to overcome strong man’s tactics and misdeeds.

Abp. Thazath has created a black day in the history of Syro Malabar Church, issuing the pastoral letter from a secret place and triggering to divide and destroying the Archdiocese of Ernakulum. It is only a whimsy fantasy. The collective resistance and defiance from the presbyterium and more than a half million Catholics will teach him a different lesson.

Happy – Happy formula

It is learnt that 99% of the faithful in the Archdiocese of Ernakulam demanded the Holy Mass, facing the congregation against the synod’s policy. Archbishop Thazath is cognizant of this reality. However, his idiosyncratic- autocratic administration thrashed down the voice of the people of God. It is learned from reliable sources that he agreed to the defiance from clergy and people but still wanted to execute it as a matter of personal gain. The Church's inner circle talks substantiate that Abp. Thazath is aiming to get a promotion on the ecclesiastical ladder eying for his promotion to a papal office in Rome. Another reason, he told his cohorts, as it is being reported, “Abp. Kariyil was ostracized from the home diocese for the right- stand he had taken with his people. It would also undermine my image in the church”.

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