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In the name of Pope Francis, Andrews plots attacks against clergy and laity.

Eleven priests are admitted to the hospital as they were attacked by the hooligans of archbishop Andrews Thazhath who are waging war against brother priests in the archdiocese of Ernakulam. A group of people under the leadership of Fr. Pothavelil and archbishop Andrews ganged up to rip apart the sanctuary of the basilica in Ernakulam. The communique from the leader of the rebel group to gang up to attack the clergy and laity at the Basilica is leaked out to the public. The conspiracy initiated by Andrews Thazhath echoes the revengeful mind of the insane personality.

"Pope must call back and revoke his appointment immediately as he is going destroy the dignity of the Catholic church in India. He is an outright disgrace to Pope Francis and the nuncio in India. Pope must call back the apostolic administrator and apologize to the faithful for the destruction he brought to the Catholic Church in India. Pope must defrock Andrews Thazhath from his priesthood." A pious association leader of the Basilica told the media.

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