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How dictatorships are born

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

By Jose Peter from Trichur, India

Mar. Andrews Thazhath, ( photo credit to Public domain)

"When a mindset of bishop obsessed with authoritarianism and his administration is akin to totalitarianism, he could be worse than a secular ruler! He becomes unbridled because he uses the spiritual domain to manipulate the temporal kingdom. He is worse than a dubious leader, waging war against his fellow men to win his hidden strategies of power and authority" A senior priest of the Archdiocese of Trichur told the Laity 4 justice news.

The language of communication becomes an effective tool to threaten and dictate. Hitler called the Jews, “ rootless parasites and Stalin addressed them as “ rootless cosmopolitans” The language of communication define the mindset of a dictator. These are the views expressed by “The New York Times” columnist Roger Cohen's opinion piece “ How Dictatorships Are Born.” ( Oct 14, 2016)

After reading this review, the readers will be reminded of an Archbishop in the Syro Malabar Church. The priests of his Archdiocese prefer to call him ‘dictator’ rather than a pastor or shepherd. He has been accused of treating his clergy as “rootless parasites,” and his episcopacy is an alternative for a dictatorship. It has destroyed the legacy of the Trichur archdiocese, where the former prelates stood for its cultural heritage and erudite presbyterate ever since its institution. With due respect for his designation in the Church, the laity of his Archdiocese dare to speak out “ he ( Archbishop) goes beyond the spirit of practical godliness in treating his fellow servants of the Lord.”

What is the point of discussion here?

The majority of the priests in the Trichur archdiocese are against implementing the uniform mode of Holy Mass celebration proposed by the recent Synod’s decision. They firmly believe that it is against the legacy of the Archdiocese as their forefathers vehemently opposed it. They want to uphold their tradition of celebrating Holy Mass facing people. The previous prelates of the Archdiocese endorsed the Holy Mass facing people. " The current archbishop, Mar.Thazath, is betraying the legacy of the Archdiocese. Naturally, the presbyterate protested against his vested interest in executing it madly without heeding to the voice of the presbyterate and the people of God in his Archdiocese." A catechism teacher of Chalakudy parish told to Laity 4 justice.

The tension is percolating for a long time in the Archdiocese. Instead of listening to his members of the presbyterate, bishop is treating fellow servants as slaves. It is not the way of his leader Pope Francis. Pope Francis is upholding the listening heart and caring spirit in his ministry. It is due to the selfish motive of Archbishop who is guided by the ambitious plan to get a promotion. Unfortunately, that was hindered by allegations of corruption and mismanagement of enormous chunks of money in his Archdiocese. Quipped by a close associate of his administration

A senior priest in the Archdiocese of Trichur commented "Archbishop Thazath is animated not by God’s love or compassion for his people of God entrusted for his care but something that is core of his personality obscurely lurching out from the ego of his self-promotion". Dictating to his clergy will not bring any allegiance from them, but he is becoming unlike a bishop, rather like a Nazi dictator who called Jews “rootless parasites.” he is treating his priests as if they are “rootless parasites.” " Praying and fasting are the spiritual tools to protest against authoritarianism and totalitarianism. The Laity of Trichur Archdiocese will never stand with you for your rampant dictatorship! " A senior priest in anonymity comments.

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