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Fueling the fire of love Jihad in Kerala,Abp.Pamplani tried to overturn the left-Led govt in Kerala

By Peter Dsouza, Kochi.

Archbishop Pamplani and Bishop Kallarangatt are spreading a propaganda that hatched plot in the name of love convert catholic girls to Muslim faith.

The new Bishop of the Archdiocese of Thalassery, India, Archbishop Joseph Pamplani, expressed concerns about inter religious marriages without explicitly terming it as love jihad. However, he stated that he is aware of hundreds of cases of love jihad, where a militant group had hatched a plot in the name of love. Expressing his views to media in Kerala, he stated that a militant group that took the catholic girls to some centers and converted them to the Muslim faith that triggered a controversy in Kerala. He called the investigation of the National Investigation Agency of India (NIA) against love jihad is farce.

Controversial speech of Pamplani to overturn the Left- front government of Kerala in 2016. Video credit to youtube

The remarks of Archbishop Pampalni came after his support to bishop Joseph Kallarangatt, who waged war against the Islamic faith in Kerala, accusing narcotic jihad to Muslim. Abp. Pamplani issued a public statements to support the narcotic jihad and the controversial statement of bishop Kallarangatt. Bishop Kallarangatt said that ‘hardcore jihadis” are using drugs to spoil the lives of non-Muslims in Kerala, India. Kallarangat claimed that youth from non-Muslim faiths are falling prey to narcotics jihad. It has stirred controversy. It was an unsubstantiated claim targeting the Muslim community in India, indirectly attacking harmony that existed in Kerala between different ethnic communities.

Religious leaders widely criticized this false allegation of Bishop Kallarangatt against a religious community in India, but the Syro Malabar Synod defended this statement of Kallarangatt where Archbishop Pamplani issued a statement supporting bishop Kallarangatt’s position.

“ Now archbishop Pamplani said that Christian communities are being converted after trapping them in love is a his sugar-coated love jihad ideology. He holds the same view as bishop Kallarangatt, that is clear from his statement. He is someone who tried to overturn the left-front government of Kerala many years ago as he publically rallied against the government under the conspiracy of a few bishops from the Southern part of Kerala. His selection of episcopacy was the thanksgiving gift of a few bishops for his support to depose a Left front government of Kerala, and now it is a mockery that he is supporting the left-front government Pinarayi Vijayan” A priest from his archdiocese commented on the condition of anonymity.

Pamplani exhorts to depose a Left front government of Kerala in Changanassery. He is accused of a conspiracy to overturn the government of Kerala in 2016.

Photo credit to public domain

Archbishop Pamplani ‘s claims that a militant group had hatched a plot in the name of love evoked an array of responses. Teresa John of Kozhikode comments that “ these kinds of divisive statements are worsening the wounds of many and distorting the image of the Catholic Church that Pope Francis is sharing with the world. The sectarian views of Syro Malabar bishops divide communities and rip apart the unity that existed among people.”

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