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Clergy in the archdiocese of Trichur, Fuming with anger,Synod’s decision is not the voice of People

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Clergy in the archdiocese of Trissur: Fuming with anger: Synod’s decision imposing uniformity is not the voice of People of God in the Archdiocese. Bishop Thazath becomes the new dictator.

“ This is not the voice of people of God” Clergy reacted in anonymity. “ Bishop is acting like a dictator and even challenging clergy with personal threat and destruction of their priestly ministry: it is unfair and autocratic. We will not accept it “. "Archbishop acts with the predetermined agenda of Alencherry and dividing our Archdiocese.

The harassment and the personal threat of Archbishop Thazath against his clergy are uncivilized and barbaric. It is personal harassment and violation of Fundamental right that Indian constitution ensures to the citizens of Indian Republic, to assemble and express the opinions. It is the right of free speech and expression peacefully. Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution elucidates that right to free speech and expression. ... Article 19(1)(b) states about the right to assemble peaceably. Priests are seeking psychological help as they are tortured and harassed.” A laity in anonymity responded.

Rampant corruption in his administration comes out to the public media

A huge amount of Mass stipend is funneled out for his personal use as the Vox exposes it, Indian news channel.

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