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Andrews Thazhath ransacked Indian Chuch. Pope Francis calls back insane Thazhath. Breaking News .

Alarming news coming from India that under the leadership of Andrews Thazhath, Apostolic Administrator, began to revenge, breeding hatred and bitterness and leading to the destruction of the Basilica, causing huge harm to the Indian Catholic Church. Police moved and stopped the goons of the apostolic administrator as he meticulously planned to attack priests and laity. Andrews Thazhath appointed his nominee Fr. Poothavelil, who disrupted the Holy Mass at the Basilica. Fr. Poothavelil disrupted the Holy Mass and began to organize the militant move to plunder the Cathedral and attack the celebrant priests and associates. The goons, under the leadership of Fr. Poothavelil threw away the altar of celebration. Andrews plotted a few days ago to trigger off the destruction at the cathedral parish where the clergy and laity were celebrating the Holy Mass. Police arrested the goons for stopping the destruction at the church.

More news to follow

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