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Archbishop Vasil: Wrong man to speak for Pope Francis.

Fr. Joice K.

Dear Archbishop Vasil,

You have mentioned in the so-called order letter, published on 17th August 2023, that the Holy Father had made an explicit demand to follow the mode of celebration proposed by the Synod. Holy Father, Pope Francis has never demanded to follow the synodal decision. On the other hand, in response to his Letter we, the priests, laity and the religious have already communicated to the Holy Father the difficulty in accepting the non-ethical decision of the synod and also to the Dicastery for the Oriental Churches many a times and after your arrival here in India, we made an appeal to the Secretary of State and we are waiting for the reply.

Our church is a sui juris church and we have requested many a times to the Synod to reconsider the decision and continue the dialogue and reach an amicable solution acceptable to all of us. There is no room for Archbishop Vasil to give an order to the priests of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly. You have said in your first circular that Pope Francis has personally appointed you to be the Pontifical Delegate. Whatever be the damage it may cause to us as you say, we demand you to publish the letter of the Holy Father appointing you as the Pontifical Delegate.

You say in your latest letter that you have done due consultation with all whom you met these days. Who is the aggrieved party? It is the Archdiocese of Ernakulalm-Angamaly. And you have told us that there is no space for dialogue and categorically declared that you have come to implement it. Are you going the way of Pope Francis or in the way of Hitler? We understand that you had some closed-door meetings with some hooligans who have desecrated the Altar of the Cathedral and it is heard that you have asked them to create problems in the parish demanding the priests to celebrate Mass in the synod-proposed mode.

You have written about the authority delegated to you by the Holy Father. Please make it clear before the Archdiocesan faithful the authority delegated to you by the Pope. We are afraid that you are dragging Pope Francis to the nasty game being played by you and Archbishop Andrews Thazhath.

What is your capacity to order as long as you have not publicly mentioned your administrative power? Even if you are given administrative power, we are not ready to accept a foreigner as our immediate authority in the Archdiocese. Major archbishop of the Syro-Malabar church has already spoken enough regarding the celebration of the Mass and we have politely told him that it is not possible to follow the illegal decision of the Synod and we do not consider you above the Head of the Church.

How dare you order us not to conduct any public celebration of the Holy Mass. Our church has been built by our forefathers for our worship and what right you have to order us to close down the church which is the result of our hard work.

We have already communicated to Pope Francis that our conscientious decision is not to follow the Synodal decision that is taken violating all the procedure and neglecting the spirit of the Synodal way.

NB: Laity 4 Justice is publishing it without any editing.

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