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"Abp. Vasil must dialogue, Not by threatening orders." Former SC Judge Kurian Joseph

Photo credit to Shalom world

Amid tumultuous confrontations between Abp.Vasil and the Archdiocese of Ernakulum, while the Abp was lashing out with sanctions and ultimatums to enforce the synodal decision of the Holy Mass, created severe setbacks.

Former Supreme Court Judge Kurian Joseph told reporters, “Archbishop Cyril must dialogue with clergy and laity of Ernakulum- never reach a solution by his threatening orders. It probably needs a longer time to conscientice for change. We must keep the status quo at St. Mary's Cathedral while continuing the Holy Mass.”

Supreme Court retired Judge lamented that he tried his best to convince bishops about this tragedy of imposing. Our priests are really wounded and going through great distress. This reaction came out as a response to Abp—Cyril Vasil’s threatening words, asking clergy to surrender. Otherwise, hinting at the disciplinary actions against them, which invited many angry comments on social media.

Fr. George Pattery, the provincial superior of the Society of Jesus, South Asia reacted on his facebook page:

Fr. Joseph Vellaringatt,a member fo the society of Jesus, native of Kerala, India commented to Fr.George pattery's reactions

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