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VERSUS POPULUM : Protests intensify across Syro Malabar Church in India

By Tommy from USA,

  • More than 500 priests from various archdioceses and dioceses gather in front of Head Quarters of Major Archbishop.

  • More than 1000 laity assembled in front of Head Quarters raised their voices against the Syro Malabar Synod and Major Archbishop . Police blocked them in front of the gate. The tension escalated. Law and order officers intervened and later gate was opened to submit petition for "Holy Mass facing people" .

  • Major Archbishop stays in the closed doors. Seeking police protection for his residence.

  • Law and order of the state is at stake. Intelligence reports leaks out

  • More agitations awaiting if synod acts like dictator without heading to the voice of people, Says the laity movement leaders

  • Priests were denied entry to the Major Archbishops house and Major Archbishop should apologize for his arrogance. Senior priests reacts. Laity demands the apology from Major Archbishop and Synod.

  • "At least, they should be ready to hold discussions with those raising concerns,” said Fr Rajan Punnackal, secretary of Syrian Catholic Liturgical Forum. Meanwhile, a section of laity members, who are in favour of the Synod’s decision, protested against the dissident priests. Police intervened to avoid confrontation between both the groups.

  • Law and order of the state take control of the Major Archbishop's curia at Kakkanad.

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